My practice focuses on individuals, couples, families, young adults and children struggling to cope with developmental changes throughout the life span:

- Addictions

- Anxiety

- Depression

- Eating disorders

- Career stress and changes

- Marriage and couple's communication

- Separation and divorce

- Gender identity issues


- Life transitions

- Trauma

- Becoming new parents

- Parenting and co-parenting

- Adjustments and transitions for kids after significant changes

- Balancing work and family

- Retirement, and

- Loss

The way we deal with these stressors can change throughout our lifetime.  Where we once were able to cope effectively with such life changes, circumstances may overwhelm us at other times; the process of psychotherapy can help us regain perspective, provide support, and reclaim your inner strengths and resources to allow you to cope and address changes more effectively.

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Gary Holmes, LMFT #83184



(858) 880-7091


My fee for a 50-minute session is $125 payable at the time of service.  

I accept a limited number of clients on a sliding fee schedule.