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Opportunities and Challenges

​I believe that life is a journey that presents us with both opportunities and challenges, some anticipated, many unforeseen.  One thing life's adventure guarantees us is change, and our ability to adapt and adjust to these changes can impact our level of happiness and ability to function.  Being present and aware during this life of twists and turns, and bumps along the way, can be difficult, especially when we are faced with multiple demands (as an employee, supervisor, spouse, parent, child, member of the community, etc.).  We may find ourselves feeling disconnected from those around us and just going through the motions (depression) or experiencing a sense of feeling overwhelmed and barely being able to cope (anxiety).   

A Safe, Non-Judgmental Place

As a psychotherapist, I consider it an honor to join you for awhile on your life’s journey, and create a safe, non-judgmental place where you can explore life’s challenges and changes in an objective way, while increasing your presence and awareness so that you are able to reclaim your strengths and inner resources to move forward.  Ultimately, through the process of psychotherapy, I hope to be able to help you adapt to the changes on your life's path in more effective ways, that will allow you to feel connected, involved, competent, contented and engaged in the journey.

Clients I Serve

- Individuals

- Couples

- Young adults

- Children


Common Challenges

- Anxiety

- Depression

- Career stress and changes

- Marriage & couple's communication

- Separation and divorce

- Life transitions

- Trauma

- Loss

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My Philosophy